Acrylic modified high impact PVC plate



  • forming Materials
  • High Functional Materials
  • Automotive/Aircraft/Railways
  • Construction/Residence

Sekisui Toughbilon is acrylic modified high impact PVC plate made by extrusion molding, which combines the flexibility of PVC and the moldability of acrylic, with their various properties and strengths blended by technology.
It has outstanding capability for heat forming such as vacuum forming and pressure forming, is further excellent in high impact resistance and chemical resistance, and is widely used as a molding material / housing material in various industrial fields. Various grades are available according to usage and required level. Of these, the REACH compliant grade conforms to EU regulations.
For particular high spec requirements, there is the KYDEX lineup of special grades such as flame retardants and low smoke products. They are used for interior elements of airplanes and railroad cars, etc., which are indispensable for transportation of passengers and cargo, and for equipment cabinets. KYDEX conforms to US "F. A. A. Aircraft Standards".


■Deep formability
· Strong in tensile strength during thermoforming and large elongation, good mold repeatability, ideal for vacuum / pressure forming material.
- Deep drawing can be easily done in the temperature range of 170°C to 190°C.
■High impact resistance
· It has high impact strength comparable to polycarbonate and FRP.
■ High flame retardancy
· It is difficult to burn, and it has self-extinguishing property.
We have obtained 94-V0 certification under UL standard. [T/TB/TC]
■ REACH compliant
· It corresponds to REACH regulations (T-5000 series).
(It contains zero or less than the threshold value for all substances registered under REACH regulations)
■ High chemical resistance
· Excluding some solvents, it has good chemical resistance, no discoloration, no deterioration, and excellent corrosion resistance.
■ Excellent processability
· NC machining and trimming can be done easily by press punching.
· The specific gravity is as light as 1/6 that of iron, and it is easy to carry and handle. Weight reduction of vehicle interior materials can be achieved.
  • chemical Resistance
  • Flame Retardant/Nonflammability
  • High Strength
  • high Impact Resistance
  • Thin/Light Weight
  • Processability
  • REACH Compliant


We will comply with the following requests:
□ We would like to lighten the weight of existing products
□ We are looking for molding materials that can accommodate various types of small lots
□ We would like to reduce the molding cost
□Are there any materials that can be easily molded even into complicated shapes? Different grades (varieties) are available according to the purpose.

■ [T] General grade
Impact resistance, ultra-deep drawability and fire resistance are excellent, and sharp design is possible by vacuum forming. This is a general type that can be used in a wide range of fields.
■ [T] REACH compatible grade
This has a performance equivalent to that of general grade, and conforms to REACH regulations (as of December 2014).
■ [TW] Weatherproof grade
A type with high weather resistance that can be used for outdoor applications, which also has impact resistance, deep drawability and fire resistance.
■ [TB] General purpose grade
A general-purpose type that has performance close to general grade, mold processability and an emphasis on cost-performance. The mold magnification is about 3 times as a guide.
■ [TH] Heat-resistant grade
For high temperature applications. It has the performance of Toughbilon, as well as lightweightness (specific gravity 1.2) and heat resistance (heat deformation temperature 90°C).
■ [TC] transparent grade
A transparent type which has the impact resistance, ultra-deep drawability and fire resistance of Toughbilon, plus high transparency (appearance).

What are the REACH regulations?
These are regulations aimed at the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances in the EU.
Chemical substances subject to REACH regulation are called substances of high concern, and are considered to be substances that cause extremely high concern for the environment and the human body.
Target industries: Nearly all industries
Target materials: Amounts of 1,500 high concern substances


Toughbilon standard products
(Acrylic modified high impact PVC plate)

Item Item number Color Size(mm)
W x L
Thickness(mm) Specific gravity N.B.
2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0
(General grade )
T-3150-N Ivory
1,000×2,000 (3) (2) (2) 1.35 (Surface)
T-3601-N Beige
1,000×2,000 (3) (2) (2)
T-3602-N Light grey
Light grey
1,000×2,000 (5) (3) (2) (2)
T-3603-N Grey
1,000×2,000 (5) (3) (2) (2)
T-3700-N Black
1,000×2,000 (5) (3) (2) (2)
Numbers in ( ) indicate the number of packages. Please contact us for details

Toughbilon order-made products
(Acrylic modified high impact PVC plate)

Grade Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Order lot / grain
General grade
1.0~6.0 550~1,000 550~4,000
・Single color / Single size 1,000kg or more

・Please consult us for sizes

REACH compliant

1.0~6.0 550~1,000 550~4,000
General purpose grade
1.0~6.0 550~1,000 550~4,000
Heat resistant grade
1.0~6.0 550~1,000 550~4,000
Weatherproof grade
1.0~6.0 550~1,000 550~4,000
Transparent grade
1.0~6.0 550~1,000 550~4,000