Sekisui MIGUSA tatami mats are highly functional floor coverings made of a unique resin.

Sekisui MIGUSA tatami mats are made of a specially-developed resin that reproduces the same texture and skin sensation as the rushes used in Japan’s traditional tatami mats with the use of our high-grade resin formulation technology.

Highly functional tatami mats that are durable and safe enable Japan’s traditional culture to be easily enjoyed in the same way as carpets and rugs.

A wide-ranging lineup consisting of fifty colors that can easily be coordinated with preferred interiors tastes.

  • Highly durable with minimal fading so that they can be used for many years.
  •  Water and soiling resistant for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Prevent the outbreak of mites and mold owing to them being made of resin.
  • Emits very little formaldehyde, so can be used without anxiety.
  • Appropriate levels of cushioning to reduce impact on the feet.
  • Does not emit a fragrance, unlike traditional tatami, so can be used without discomfort.
Manufactured using ancient traditional methods in order to pass on traditional Japanese culture.

The factor that Sekisui insists upon when manufacturing tatami is to provide suggestions for new spaces that carry on our heritage spreading the word on the potential and wonder of Japan’s traditional tatami floor mats.

We therefore stick to traditional manufacturing methods in which each strand is woven one-by-one as well as traditional weave patterns like “hikime” -approximately 1.5cm between weaves- and “meseki” -without borders-, in order to develop tatami mats that match up with the modern age under a concept of flexibility that transcends the original concepts of tatami mats.

Traditional Weave Patterns

We have conceived many different weave patterns that can be used according to purposes and required designs.

Providing traditional weave patterns in order to ensure that the tatami culture is handed down to future generations is Sekisui’s main quest.

The high levels of functionality and design of Sekisui MIGUSA have received many awards and recognitions.
Sekisui MIGUSA is made in Japan for carefree use.

Izumo; the place where all deities are said to gather. Izumo Taisha Shrine is one of the most famous shrines in Japan. The construction of Izumo Taisha is listed in Japan’s oldest historical record, the Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters), and it is an ancient shrine boasting the history that dates back over more than 1,500 years. Sekisui MIGUSA tatami mats, which provide an arrangement of Japan’s traditional flooring mats in a modern style, are manufactured in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture; a city in which the old coexists with the new.

These mats have been designated as the Izumo Brand owing to them being an individualistic product that is valued throughout the world.

Sekisui Seikei, Ltd. Izumo Plant
All processes involved in manufacture, from the procurement of raw materials through to production and shipping, are carried out in-house.

Sekisui MIGUSA tatami mats are top-quality products manufactured in the Sekisui Seikei Izumo Plant, which has acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, where all processes involved in manufacture, from the procurement of raw materials through to production and shipping, are carried out in-house.




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