Item Unit Direction Measured value Remark
Tensile strength MPa MD 11.1 Compliant with JIS-K-7127
TD 7.6
Elongation % MD 328.0
TD 43.0
Young’s modulus MPa MD 407.4
TD 399.0
Tear strength N/mm MD 93.1 Compliant with JIS-K-7127
TD 45.2
Impact strength J/mm   0.4 Du Pont method
Cleanliness Na+ ion ng/cm2 く5 Ion chromatograph
60°C 1 hour
Cl- ion く5
K+ ion く5
PO43 ion Not detected
NO3 ion Not detected
SO42 ion く5
NH4+ ion 28
PH     7.0
* The above numbers are for reference only.