Test items Unit Test method Duct Pipe (E-type) standard value
Physical properties Specific gravity   ASTM D-792 1.45
Rockwell hardness R scale ASTM D-785 110-150
Mechanical properties Tensile strength MPa
JIS K6741 47 or more
(480 or more)
Elongation % JIS K6741 100-150
Bending strength MPa
ASTM D-790 88.3
Flexural modulus of elasticity MPa
ASTM D-790 3.14×103
Charpy impact strength kJ/m2
JIS K7111 5.9-7.8
Thermal properties Linear expansion rate I/°C ASTM D-696 7×10-5
Specific heat J/kg·K
- 840-1260
Thermal conductivity W/m·K
- 0.14-0.16
Softening temperature °C JIS K6745 75
Combustion properties - JIS K6745 Self-extinguishing
Electrical properties Volume intrinsic resistance Ω·cm ASTM D-257 1016 or more
Withstand voltage kV/mm ASTM D-149 40 or more
*The above figures are measured values,not the values for guaranteeing.