A wide range of specifications are available for the Sekisui POLYCON to match up with customer requirements.

Symbol Product Specifications Description Main Applications
UN Specifications UN Specifications Containers that support the international UN standards for transporting hazardous substances Sulfuric acid, ammonia, various surface treatment agents and other hazardous substances
Supporting Cleanness Supporting Cleanness Containers made of non-additive resin that are formed in clean environments. Semiconductor-related chemicals, reagents, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic base materials
Sealed Can Caps Sealed Can Caps Uses special caps for confirming the open/closed status to guarantee the can unopened Surface treatment agents, detergents, perfumes, food additives
Volume Reduction Containers Volume Reduction Containers Containers that can be easily reduced in volume for disposal after use Detergents, disinfectant
Gas Purge Caps Gas Purge Caps Containers using special caps enabling the gas generated by solutions to escape Sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid
Supports Pulsation Prevention Parts Supports Pulsation Prevention Parts Special removable parts that cut down on pulsation when liquid is being extracted Various surface treatment agents, toxic substances, hazardous substances